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Pine Falls Lodge was the vision of Delma and Frank Hart the 2nd. Their grave site monuments can be seen on top of the rock across the dam. Frank Hart first saw the property while visiting the area in 1945 and the main lodge - as seen in the image to the left - was erected in 1946. Over the next few years, they built five log cabins as well. For the first three years before the road was established, travel from Sudbury took half a day by rail to Washagami station where guests were then picked up and brought to the lodge. In 1955, their son Frank the 3rd led the installation of a water wheel to produce electricity for the lodge in place of the generator. Later, this was upgraded again with the addition of housing for the water wheel and a gate to control flow.

In 1999 Pine Falls Lodge left the Hart family and was passed through the hands of four different families, with renovations taking place along the way. In 2015, a fire devastated Pine Falls Lodge, burning down the main lodge, cabin 3, and a few of the ancient trees nearby. Three years after the loss, the lodge was sold once again to the current owners Patrick and Amy.

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