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Glamping Tent

Select "Glamping Tent" below to see availability.

The large canvas tent is located on a large private deck with a spectacular view of Murray Lake. There is a space for sitting on the deck as well as large, flat grassy areas in front and on either side. The tent is tall and spacious with plenty of room for your shoes and gear beside the double bed. There is power for plugging in the lights in or outside of the tent and charging your electronics. The outhouse is well maintained and cleaned often. There are no kitchen facilities, however, water may be bucketed from the lake for any washing up.





Double bed


Public toilets with running water

Public outdoor shower



No Kitchen

​Please bring your own supplies. You will need:

  • Camping stove

  • Cooler (ice is available for purchase)

  • Dishes


Tent is not heated

Fire pits on the property are shared

$10 for a blue bin of wood to burn

Pets not permitted

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